General conditions and terms of payment

Returning goods

Ordered goods are ordered specifically per customer, and in the desired dimensions/quantity. Therefore these goods cannot be returned.


The products are delivered in undamaged packaging material. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for defects or losses that may occur during the transport of the product to the client. We will not act as an intermediary should any loss occur. Should the client explicitly wish to have the products insured, then the products will be sent covered by an insurance. The costs for this insurance will be paid by the customer. Should a damaged product/packing be presented, then this needs to be reported in writing to the courier. When this is not reported, there can be no claim to replacement or insurance funds.


Delivery time, as stated by us, is always an approximate. We commit ourselves to keep up with delivery times as much as possible, but we cannot be held responsible for any consequences should delivery times be exceeded. We are not obliged to any compensation should delivery times be exceeded less than one month, nor has the client the right to cancel the agreement. Should delivery times be exceeded more than one month, the client has the right to cancel the agreement unilaterally. Delivery time will not start unless all necessary data for deliverance or execution have been received by us. Delivery time starts when payments have been received.


Every purchase agreement will occur through payment in advance. Should an invoice be desired, it will be sent to the client by mail. In the case of permanent refusal of sendings, or cancellation, apart from administration costs, the mailing costs will be charged once more. Should an order be cancelled after payment has been fulfilled, 15% of the total amount will still be charged, with a minimum of 7.50 Euro for covering administration costs. All credits will be collected and transferred within 30 days, in order to keep our costs and prices as low as possible.

Photo wallpaper / canvass

It is the responsibility of the client to check before usage whether the product is suitable for its purpose or not. Photo wallpaper should not be pasted when errors have been observed before pasting. Differences in size between the different parts of the poster can only be detected before applying the product. Therefore, complaints about differences will only be accepted before pasting. Applying the product will imply an acceptance of the product.

Colour deviation, either between the different production sets or caused during manufacture, or on the website cannot give rise to complaints or refusal of the goods.

Differences in size or differences in patterns up until a maximum of 0.5 cm (0.2 inch) are allowed between the different rolls of wallpaper. A size difference of 5% on the total design, both in length and width are allowed.

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